Studypool Education Summit
The Studypool Edsummit is a multi-day collaborative event, specifically designed to bring together teachers and educators from across the Studypool network. Teaching techniques, insights into effective online learning as well as inspirational talks from leading industry professionals will all be discussed in a variety of lectures and seminars.
Topics Covered
Solo Talk
The ever-evolving classroom
Dr James B. Professor of Education Development
Solo Talk
Utilising AI in
Grace W. Professor of Communications
Solo Talk
Maintaining control in a virtual environment
Nick B. Professor of Psychology
Education Summit 2020: Highlights
2041 participants | 250 virtual viewers | Representatives from 34 states and from a total of 112 educational institutions | Countless collaborations and new relationships formed.
Programme Highlights:
40 Lecturers and Presenters providing over 35 hours of content and support | Student Experience Seminars | Cheese and Wine Networking Hours. Outdoor games and activities.
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