Our Partners

Studypool is up and running with the help of these partners.

PlagScan is a professional plagiarism checker which identifies the authenticity of texts. As Studypool’s Partner, PlagScan’s ensures the originality of the answers you receive from your tutors.

Together, we guarantee the quality of your work and ensure your satisfaction.

PlagScan cutting-edge technology is based on an advanced algorithm searching for semantically related documents in any given text against billions of possible matches, including the whole world wide web and selected publishers.

PlagScan covers the whole spectrum of plagiarism:

  • Direct plagiarism (word-for-word transcription),
  • Self-plagiarism (comparing the work of students against past submissions),
  • Collusion (copying fellow students),
  • Incorrect citations,
  • and much more!

PlagScan was founded in 2009 in Germany. Since then, PlagScan gained the trust of more than 1,200 organization and 1,000,000 students. Thousands of users use PlagScan every day to protect their work.

With PlagScan your work is in good hands. Data security and copyright protection are a top priority: PlagScan will never share your text with any third parties.